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A true revolution in features for affiliate programs is our unique ability to increase your search engine ranking (Google) based on links from affiliates.

In any of our competitors' programs, affiliates will link to you using a unique ID (affiliate will link using Google ranks pages using an algorithm that checks how many links are pointing to a web page. Web pages that have more links will always rank higher (Google reckons page must be important since many people link to it).

The problem is that (page that you want to achieve high rankings) and are actually different pages from a Search Engine point of view and as such, even if you have many affiliates, they all seem to link to a different page (since XXXX is a unique number), so affiliate links won’t establish as a page with many links to it.

This is where changes everything

Every time a web page gets a visitor, the referral URL (previous website) is included in the HTTP request. What we did is to have affiliates register their URL with our affiliate software and for every visitor we check if the referral URL matches an affiliate. Think about the referral URL as being used as a unique ID. Since we have a unique ID in the referral URL, affiliates can send traffic by linking directly to; hence we called it TruLink.

Finally, Google looks at who links to you, so a website that is all about gardening will have a bigger weight if they send a link to someone that sells gardening books (as opposed to a link from a free forum for example).

Of course, affiliates are usually targeted to your specific market/products, and as such they carry a lot of weight. Get a couple of them, and you should achieve first page ranking for almost any keyword.

This software is so effective that even words that are very crowded (such as online gambling) will achieve first page ranking in Google with enough TruLink affiliates.

By using you will achieve a very comprehensive marketing strategy, blending SEO and affiliate program in one platform.