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About ClickInc

Our team is composed of individuals that have been directly involved with Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Marketing for over 10 years.

The head office is located in Vancouver, Canada, where 9 employees, mainly management, work from. We also have a strong presence in Bangalore and Mumbai, India where over 75 people work directly for our company in different departments. Our team includes designers, programmers, marketing specialists, customer support agents and more.

These professionals are from different cultural backgrounds and are ALL helping to set bridges between YOU, US and the Affiliates.

We have successfully mounted and managed affiliate programs in different industries, always becoming amongst the largest and most reputable within that niche. Our Integration team is versetile with most Shopping Carts used and Processing Gateways guaranteeing a SWIFT Integration of ClickInc with your existing e-commerce.

The team has over 10 years of experience in outsourced Affiliate Programs. We are currently successfully managing several large accounts, some which include over 5,000 affiliates, all in different domains We have a very personal approach to business, reaching out to affiliates and making sure they understand the potential of your affiliate program.

There is only one way to achieve results…Working hard at getting through to those affiliates and that’s what we do best. We can communicate with Affiliates in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, Romanian and Hindi. The whole team hopes to work with you in a near future!