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ClickInc integrates with nearly ALL merchant accounts, payment gateways, shopping carts and membership systems. Below are examples of most common payment systems available. While we cannot guarantee compatibility with all, most of them will work.

The compatibility of your system has more to do with what kind of shopping cart or credit card processor you're using, and whether or not you host it yourself, or it is hosted by a 3rd party provider. Most shopping carts or credit card processors will work with our software. However, to be sure, please contact our Integrations Manager at For some, we would need to view your setup, and possibly gain access to your account to see if we can integrate.

This is a general list of popular shopping carts and credit card processors that may be supported by the ClickInc Affiliate software*:

Not all shopping carts will work.

If your shopping cart or the CGI script that processes your orders resides on a third party secure server, there can be difficulty integrating with your system. The reason being, these service providers prevent third parties, like ourselves, into their systems to maintain security.

If this is the case, provide us with information about your shopping cart or payment provider, and with an e-mail or phone number of the person responsible for technical support. We'll do our best. Send all info to

* If the shopping cart or payment system is hosted on your own server, we can generally work with that and implement If custom programming is required to do the integration, it also makes this possible. If however, your shopping cart or payment system is on another server, or another domain name (ie: your domain redirects to during checkout) and there is limited access to those files, we may not be able to integrate. The only way to know for certain is to work with our Integrations Department and to check the current setup. Our team will work with you to determine the best possible method of integration, or will advise you if it will not be possible.

As well, if you are using a payment processor alone, you may need to install some shopping cart software on your server which can connect to the payment processor via API, in order to integrate with